María Manuela Enriqueta Kirkpatrick de Closbourn y de Grevigné, Countess of Montijo by Pierre Paul Emmanuel de Pommayrac

This portrait shows Empress Eugénie's mother in everyday dress from the crinoline era. She married Don Cipriano de Palafox y Portocarrero, a Bonapartist. She moved to Paris in the 1830s and knew Prosper Mérimée who used her as the source of his opera-inspiring novella Carmen

The Wikipedia article for her is here. The image is from Une Collection Francaise - A French Collection blog.

Keywords:  de Pommayrac, Countess of Montijo, Empress Eugénie, straight coiffure, headdress, high neckline, pagoda sleeves, jacket bodice, stomacher, revers, full skirt, lace, brooch, bracelets

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