Eugenie after exile

The now former Empress Eugénie wears a bustle dress in this photograph.

This image is from and is accompanied by this note, "When the Second Empire was overthrown in 1871, the Empress Eugénie went into exile in England ahead of her husband, staying at first with the Prince Imperial at the Marine Hotel, Hastings, then later, when the Imperial couple were reunited, at Camden Place near Chislehurst in Kent. After the death of Napoleon in 1873, she made her home at Farnborough in Hampshire. As a widow, she became a great friend of Queen Victoria, who called her ‘ma chère soeur’ and insisted that although an ex-Empress, she should continue to be called 'Your Majesty.' In her old age, she was an inveterate traveller, cruising the length and breadth of the Mediterranean from Tangier to Constantinople on her yacht The Thistle. Eventually allowed back into France, she built for herself a second, smaller home, the Villa Cyrnos, on Cap Martin, between Monte Carlo and Menton. She died in Madrid while visiting her homeland, on 11 July 1920, and her body was brought back to England to lie in the mausoleum she had built at Farnborough for her husband and son.

Although unidentified [the reverse of the mount is blank], the portrait was probably taken by William and David Downey of London and Newcastle."

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Keywords: Downey, Empress Eugénie, Empress, Bonaparte family, long straight coiffure, tucker, bows, long close sleeves, cuffs, natural waistline, bustle, neck band, cameo

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