1867 The Emperor and Empress received by Senator and Count Mimerel à Roubaix on 29 August by Claude Jacquand (Château de Compiègne)

Jacquand portrayed Empress Eugénie in day dress in a touching moment in this 1867 propaganda piece.

Photo credit - Franck Raux.

The lady between the Empress and Emperor appears to be wearing a dress with a scoop neckline covered by a partlet that ends with a high neckline and bow. The Empress is wearing a jacket or bodice with hanging sleeves, shades of 1600. The skirts have become half-conical and the elderly Lady behind the Empress may be wearing a dress with a natural waistline. All of the waistlines, besides that one, are hidden.

Keywords:  1867, Jacquand, Raux, Empress Eugénie, Empress, Bonaparte family, French, straight coiffure, floral headdress, high neckline, collar, hanging sleeves, false sleeves, cuffs, full skirt, over-skirt

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