1867 Sultan Abdülaziz' visit to Napoleon III

The end of the crinoline era is shown in the half-conical dresses worn by Empress Eugénie and her retinue as she receives Sultan Abdülaziz. Sultan Abdülaziz ruled the Ottoman Empire between 25 June 1861 and 30 May 1876, visiting France and the UK in 1867. The Empress Eugénie and the Prince of Wales visitied him. He cooperated in building the Suez Canal through Ottoman-ruled Egypt.

Waistlines are again hidden in this image, but they appear to be round or natural instead of vee-shaped. The Empress and her Ladies have covered their hair in something like bonnets or scarfs wrapped around their necks, possibly in honor of Islamic custom.

Keywords:  1867, Empress Eugénie, Empress, Bonaparte family, French, straight coiffure, scarf, bows, high neckline, jacket, shawl, lace, cuffs, full skirt, over-skirt

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