1860 Annexation of Savoy to France in August by Edourard Riou (Versailles) Photo credit Gérard Blot

A crowd is out celebrating the annexation of Savoy by France in this 1860 print.

I do not know what "annexation" actually meant - alliance? A French takeover of Savoy? Savoy somehow remained independent of France and annexed the rest of Italy to unify it; the departure of Napoleon III finished Cavour's plans because the Papal States lost their protector and collapsed down to today's Vatican City.

Photo credit - Gérard Blot.

Keywords:  1860, Riout, Blot, Empress Eugénie, Empress, Bonaparte family, French, hat, feathered hat, bonnet, shawl, crinoline, flounces, full long sleeves, parasol

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