SUBALBUM:  Infanta Carlota Joaquina, Queen of Portugal

Carlota Joaquina was a daughter of Maria Luisa de Parma who married the Portuguese heir apparent and thus able to ride out the Napoléonic wars in Brazil. According to her Wikipedia article, she "made attempts to obtain the administration of the Spanish dominions in Latin America, a project known as Carlotism. Spain itself was under Napoleon and its kings, her father and brother Ferdinand, were held by Napoleon in France. She regarded herself as the heiress of her captured family. Allegedly among her plans was to send armies to occupy Buenos Aires and northern Argentina to style herself as Queen of La Plata. The Portuguese-Brazilian forces, however, only managed to annex the eastern banks of the river as Cisplatina, which were kept in the Empire after 1822 and seceded in 1828 as the Republic of Uruguay."

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