1571 Anna of Austria by Alonso Sánchez Coello (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien) 


Anna of Austria wears a classic Spanish saya in this 1571 Coello portrait. This illustration is from the from the sayaespanola site.

This black and gold saya is classic Spanish royal dress. The Web site Saya Espanola (http://sayaespanola.glittersweet.com/ ) shows several images, including this one and others also found here, visualizing the saya. A saya had these features:  1) a conical skirt, at least in the beginning, 2) pronounced false sleeves, 3) hanging sleeves that train behind, and 4) a high ruffed collar that completely hides the neck. The shadow that would be about one foot or 30 cm off the floor shows she had some arrangement of two under-skirts.

Gloves were quite the luxury item back then.

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