Unknown lady of the Spiering family of Baden and Bavaria by circle of Gheeraerts (auctioned)

This portrait of an unknown lady of the Spiering family shows the sleeves are now two balloon-like structures each while her ruff is combined with a bertha.

This image shows fashion distributed into Germany just like the last image. Unlike the last image, this sitter is wearing a ruff while her modesty piece frames much, though not all, of her neck area. She wears a coat to support her double-balloon false sleeves.

Keywords:  Gheeraerts the Younger, German, long frizzy coiffure, high scoop neckline, ruff, bertha, lace, puffed sleeves, strapped sleeves, virago sleeves, balloon sleeves, bows, coat, hanging sleeves, cuffs, full skirt, jeweled headdress, necklace, earrings, brooch, gloves

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