Sir Thomas Lucy, Lady Alicia Spencer, and family by or after Cornelius Johnson (Charlecote Park, The Fairfax-Lucy Collection - Warwick UK)

Everybody wears a ruff in this portrait - I can imagine the expressions of relief when the sessions were over. The man wears the slashed sleeves. Lady Alicia's under-skirt appears to be a satin printed with diamond shapes. The girls have the most interesting dresses. The contrast between the parents' somber clothes and the children's more colorful clothes raises the issue that this was an era like the 1960s where dress could make a political statement, but you were betting your head on it.

Keywords:  Johnson - Cornelius, Alicia Spencer, Spencer family, Lucy family, British, straight coiffure,  headdress, high enclosing neckline, square neckline, neckline ruff, epaulettes, hanging sleeves, false sleeves, slashed sleeves, back flared engageantes, vee waistline, necklace, pendant, jeweled bodice ornament

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