ca. 1620-1623 Gertrude Sadleir, Lady Aston by ? (Tate Collection)

Her article in thepeerage is here.

From the Tate Collection.

Lady Gertrude's dress has several featues - a close skirt seen later in the 1600s and in the early twentieth century, an almost Empire height vee waistline, and a plunging neckline not matched until maybe twentieth century Hollywood.

Keywords:  1620, Gertrude Sadleir, Sadleir family, Aston family, Lady Aston, British, curly coiffure, feathered headdress, floating ruff, lace, scoop décolletage, bertha, tabbed sleeves, three quarter length false sleeves, back flared cuffs, hanging sleeves, high vee waistline, close skirt, maxi-length skirt, shoes, shoe ornaments, necklace, earrings, bracelets

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