Camilla Martelli by studio of Alessandro Allori (auctioned by Sotheby's)


From Wikimedia.

The operator of the modehistorique blog, Sarah, has this about the portrait, "Of course, Camilla apparently liked excess in her every day clothing as well... Possibly to make up for the fact that she was never given the title of Grand Duchess, despite marrying Cosimo I.

Check out those sleeves.  I love them. Nothing says 'suck it, I’m still married to the Grand Duke' like those sleeves." The full sleeves of Camilla Martelli's dress appear to be extensively decorated with coral, not often seen in portraits. She wears a split garment with a gray collar-ruff and a bit of her chemise showing through.

Sarah dates this to the 1580s. However, she was born around 1545 and she looks more like a ca. 25 year-old that she would have been at the time of her marriage in 1570.

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