Noblewoman with hound by ? (auctioned by Bukowski's)

From Bukowski’s Web site.

Noblewoman with hound by ? (auctioned by Bukowski's) From Bukowski's Web site

Spanish noblewomen had to endure discomfort wearing sayas with high necklines and surcotes, but none would be caught dead in this saya. Spain is warm so a saya was probably warm enough or uncomfortably warm, but this fur surcote could cause heat stroke so the weare would be caught dead. That consideration and this being auctioned by Stockholm-based Bukowki’s suggest this saya is being worn up north.

Keywords:  curly coiffure, jeweled headdress, fitted bodice, high vee neckline, draped necklace, jewel-trimmed lace neckline ruff, long close false sleeves, bracelets, lace flared cuffs, rings, jeweled crucifix, fur surcote, fur-trimmed lapels, jeweled bodice ornament, pendant, full skirt, saya

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