1572 Margauerite de Valois by Francois Clouet(?) (Istituto Geografico De Agostini?)


The site pinterest.com/plaville79/henri-iv-marguerite-de-france1589-1599 asserts this is la reine Margot, but the face is different and the Lady is older. So I leave this portrait with Marguerite de Berry et de Savoie.

This lower quality portrait shows Marguerite de Valois wearing a jeweled hat and dress with high enclosing neckline and neck ruff.

I saw this listed as being a Clouet from 1572, but I believe it is from later in the century based on the fully puffed sleeves and necklaces. This portrait is almost Elizabethan. The bodice has a distinct central part, a stomacher, framed by vertical sections that are distinct from the rest of the bodice - revers. In this case, the revers are made of lace. Her pearl-clad hat comes to an attifet-like point at the front.

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