Laura Gonzaga in Green by Lavinia Fontana (Galerie Canesso - Paris, France)

Not only is the portrait undated, but I can find nothing about this Laura Gonzaga (there were a number of Laura Gonzagas).


Laura Gonzaga in Green by Lavinia Fontana (Galerie Canesso - Paris, France) From

Laura Gonzaga's dress has unusual sleeves that have quarter length upper sleeves that begin with large rolls like a French sleeves and end a quarter-length below with tabs. Spiral-decorated under-sleeves emerge from the tabs and reach to the wrists with ruffled endings. Her carcanet necklace and girdle may be either thick discs or somewhat flattened spheroids. She carries a pelt suspended by a jeweled pendant chain. In Italian style, her over-bodice is split down the middle to create a deep vee neckline. The brocading of her sleeves matches that of her skirt (her bodice is hidden by her necklace and pendant), but the brocade of her sleeves is covered by green strips. The material of her over-bodice, upper sleeves, and over-skirt match. Her rolled sleeves are further decorated with perpendicular roll-ettes. Her right sleeves roll can be seen to be set against by what may be a ring of narrow tabs.

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