Eleanor Benlowes Gown by Sarah Lorraine

From modehistorique photostream on flickr.

A modern-day costumer, Sarah Lorraine, made this re-creation Eleonore Benlowe's dress in 2007. This is her description, "A red/black shot silk taffeta high necked bodice with attached skirt. The sleeves are slashed and have puffs of white silk taffeta pulled through the slashes. A petticoat of bronze and maroon silk brocade is worn underneath. The gown is adorned with hand sewn glass pearls."

Keywords:  1565, van der Meulen, Sarah Lorraine, frizzy coiffure, French hood, jeweled headdress, chemise, high enclosing neckline, cuffs, neck ruff, over-dress, vee neckline, collar, rolled sleeves, puffed cloth ornaments, rolled sleeves, long tight sleeves, split bodice,  girdle, vee waistline, farthingale, over-skirt, draped necklace, jeweled collar, jeweled sleeves, jeweled bodice, jeweled over-skirt, jeweled pendant chain, handkerchief

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