ca. 1560 La Bella Nani by Paolo Veronese (Louvre)

This well-known work by Veronese shows Italian dress around 1560. For more about Italian Renaissance, see The Realm of Venus at:

The Wikipedia article for Paolo Veronese is here.

Her gown appears far more relaxed than that of the unknown English lady just shown!

She appears to be wearing gold ornaments, one at the tip of her vee waistline and an epaulette on each shoulder. The lace of her cuffs is more than a web-like construction seen in so many ruffs, a preview of the sophisticated lace work of the next century.

Keywords:  1560, Veronese, Italian, Countess, straight coiffure, square decolletage, laced bodice, vee waistline, long close sleeves, wrap, epaulettes, girdle, full skirt, hair jewelry, necklace, girdle, rings

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