1588-1590 Elizabeth Buxton, née Kemp attributed to Robert Peake Norfolk Museums Service (specific location unknown)

Her genealogical sketch is here.

From artuk.org.

Elizabeth Buxton, nee Kemp

Elizabeth’s dress has a canted over-wheel and the center part of her skirt rests atop an apron that rests atop a skirt and petticoat.

Keywords:  1598, Peake, Elizabeth Kempe, Elizabeth Kemp, Elizabeth Buxton, English, frizzy coiffure, hair jewelry, vee neckline, lace neckline ruff, chemise, trapezoidal neckline, stomacher, fitted bodice, long puffed tapered sleeves, cuffs, bracelets, deep vee waistline, wheel farthingale, over-sheel, petticoat, skirt, apron, feather fan

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