1585-1590 Mary Rogers, Lady Harington (formerly called Elizabeth I when a princess) by English School (private collection)

Harington is spelled with one "r." He is well known - see his Wikipedia article here. I could not find her in thepeerage, but there is a biographical information about her here.

From www.somegreymatter.com/haringtonportrait; a large number of spots and splotches throughout the image were fixed with Photoshop by gogm. The lower part of the right to about the first tenth of the width from the right side was disfigured in the source image and is disfigured in this image. The image was made lighter by gogm.

The braid work of her bodice and draped over the tops of her sleeves would be acceptable to a 21st century American high school band and would have been acceptable to Michael Jackson. The patterned velvet (?) is also of interest.

Keywords:  Mary Rogers, Lady Harington, Rogers family, Harington family, Harrington family, English, straight coiffure, hat, hair jewelry, high neckline, neckline ruff, revers, stomacher, epaulettes, long puffed tapered sleeves, back-flared cuffs, lace, deep vee waistline, farthingale, choker necklace, necklace

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