1581 The Ragazzoni family by ? (location unknown to gogm)

From www.pinterest.com/magpiec/16th-century-artwork-late.

The Ragazzoni Ladies' dresses have square neckline with neckline ruffs in French style with puffed sleeves and no hanging sleeves. Their dresses are made of fine patterned materials and their skirts are distended, but not nearly to the extent of wheel or French farthingales. Their dresses also do not have kirtles. The three Ladies in lighter material wear horned coiffures and two of them and the Lady in the darker dress appear to wear chignons. The darker dress in left center appears to have a neckline-covering partlet while the adult-dressed Lady to the right wears a bodice with a stomacher section. The girls wear laced bodices made of simpler material.

Keywords:  1581, Ragazzoni family, Italian, straight coiffure, horned coiffure, ribbon headdress, square neckline, neckline ruff, partlet, revers, stomacher, rolled sleeves, slashed sleeves, puffed cloth ornaments, long full sleeves, back-flared cuffs, girdle, vee waistline, full skirt, necklace, earrings, jeweled pendant chain

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