1578 Lady Philippa Coningsby by George Gower (Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA)

Lady Philippa Coningsby wears a dress that rivals German dresses for being colorful in this 1578 Gower portrait.

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The gray- and black-striped silk, ochre false sleeves, and white trims is an interesting color combination, especially for this era. The fashion for thick collars straddled the English Channel. The lace work now has a mesh filling in between the floral pattern - lace making is becoming sophisticated.

Keywords:  1578, Gower, English, neck ruff, collar, partlet, jeweled headdress, puffed cloth ornaments, lace, straight coiffure, carcanet necklace, necklace, girdle, rolled sleeves, tapering puffed sleeves, false sleeves

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