1563 Lady of the Wentworth Family, probably Jane Cheyne by Hans Eworth (Arts Institute of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois USA)

This is her brief sketch from A Who’s Who of Tudor Women, "JANE WENTWORTH (c.1539-April 16, 1614) Jane Wentworth was the daughter of Thomas Wentworth, 1st baron Wentworth (1501-March 3, 1551) and Margaret Fortescue (c.1502-c.1548). In about 1565, she married Henry Cheney, Baron Cheney of Toddington (May 31, 1540-September 3, 1587). They had no children. Henry Cheke dedicated his Freewyl to Lady Cheney and she employed the madrigalisst Henry Lichfield at her home from c.1586-1614. He dedicated "The firste set of madrigals in 5 parts" to her in 1613. One one occasion (undated), she hosted an entertainment attended by the earl and countess of Kent and Sir John and Lady Crofts. Portraits: c.1563 by Hans Eworth (tentatively identified as Jane); effigy at Toddington, Bedfordshire."

From Arts Institute of Chicago.

Hans Eworth shows a mid-century English fashion of dark over-dresses with vee necklines and high collars over colorful chemisettes or under-garments. Her upper sleeves, that trail hanging sleeves beneath the elbows, look narrower than her lower sleeves. Her lower sleeves are somewhat full, then narrow to tight wrists and finish with gold-edged ruffles matching her ruff. She wears a plain petticoat or under-skirt.

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