1563 Elizabeth Roydon, Lady Golding by Hans Eworth (Tate Collection)

I found an Elizabeth Roydon in thepeerage, but she may not be the the right Elizabeth Roydon, Lady Golding.

From the Tate Collection; this image was heavily spotted and some of the spotting was removed with Photoshop by gogm, a task made difficult by the dark dress with dark trim against a dark backgrounf. The image was also made lighter by gogm.

Lady Roydon wears a fur-trimmed dress possibly trimmed with leather for her 1563 Eworth portrait. Her neck is almost completely encased in a white collar framed by a ruff. Her bodice encases that collar in another collar trimmed with fur.

Keywords:  1563, Eworth, Elizabeth Roydon, English, straight coiffure, attifet, chemise, collar, ruff, bodice, fur, long tight upper puffed sleeves, under-sleeves, cuffs, ruffles, choker necklace, draped necklace, bracelets, gloves

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