1562 Margaret Audley, Duchess of Norfolk by Hans Eworth (Lord Baybrooke)

Margaret Audley is lavishly dressed in a black and gold dress with numerous aglets in this 1562 Eworth portrait of her. Her Wikipedia article is here.

English dress was spectacular in this period, but I doubt wearing a ruff amid a huge collar was comfortable!

KatRowberd has this about the portrait in elizabethangeek.com/costumereview:  "Margaret is wearing the fitted black gown with a spanish farthingale and elbow-length sleeves that seems to be typical of the 1560s style. It is probably made of black silk velvet or wool. The collar is high and has a full shape. The gown is decorated down the front opening and around the sleeves and collar with pairs of decorative gold aglets. It is fastened from the neck to the waist.

The forepart of her skirt is a black and gold silk brocade in a large lozenge shaped pattern. The undersleeves don't match, but instead are of a gold/white/black lozengy design. It may be a brocade or it may be surface decoration making this pattern.

She wears a suit of ruffs at her neck and wrists, all of which are double-layered with gold edging. On her head is a small coif with gold edging, and her fashionable reddish hair is worn puffed out from a centre parting. She wears two heavy gold chain necklaces, one with a cross (interesting in the Protestant period) and the other with some indistinct jewel hanging from it. She also has a heavy rope-like chain belt worn under her gown, with a pomander or tassel of some kind on the end. The length of it looks as if it would hang almost to the ground."

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