ca. 1555 Mary Fitzalan, Duchess of Norfolk, by Hans Eworth (private collection)

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The Wikipedia article for Hans Eworth, a Flemish painter who worked in England, is here.

Upgrade image posted 10 September 2015 from Wikimedia; spots throughout image and blank areas in the upper part of the left edge, most of the right edge, and a thin strip at the left side of the lower edge (involving the outside surface of the brocade portion of the sleeve) filled in with Photoshop after the image had been rotated 1° clockwise with Photoshop to remove white marks from copying.

ca. 1555 Mary Fitzalan, Duchess of Norfolk, by Hans Eworth (private collection) Wm despot deflaw

Hans Eworth portrays the Duchess of Norfolk wearing a dress with sleeves puffed below the elbow, a very English fashion. Her dress closely resembles those of Mary Sidney and Queen Mary. The lower sleeves are puffed and the French headdress has a triangular, instead of rounded, shape in the English style.

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