1555 Renée de Rieux by Clouet studio (Musée Condé, Chantilly)

According to Google's translation of hugenots-france.org, "In 1547, on the death of Guy XVII, one of the last descendants of the lineage of Laval, his county and the barony of Virte in it, accrue to her niece Renée Rieux. The heiress was only twenty-three years. She was a Hugenot sympathizer."

She was known as "La Belle Châteauneuf," the name she is listed by in Her Wikipedia article, here.

Renée de Rieux, also a Lady-in-Waiting to Catherine de Medici, is shown wearing a French hood with the hood part trailing behind.

Keywords:  1555, Renée de Rieux, French, Lady-in-Waiting, Clouet - François, French hood, jeweled headdress, high enclosing neckline, ruff, collar, partlet, rolled sleeves, buttons

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