1553 Marriage of Diane de France to Orazio Farnese by Taddeo Zuccaro (location unknown to gogm)

According to her Wikipedia article, while Henri II was married to Catherine de Medici, he took time off with Filippa Duci. Diane de France was the result. Diane was married in 1553 and lost her husband in battle the same year. She was married to the unwilling François, Duc de Montmorency, in 1557. He died in 1579, succeeded by his brother in the absence of an heir. She became a favorite of Henri III and was respected in the court of Henri IV, trusted to superintend the education of Henri IV's son Louis (XIII).

From jeannedepompadour.blogspot.com/2012/03/illegitimate-children-and-grandchildren.

Weddings have not always been white; this royal bride is dressed in gold while all of the Ladies wear French hoods. Diane does not appear to be wearing a necklace, but the Lady to the left of her in the image wears a carcanet and draped necklace.

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