1552-1553 Isotta Brembatti by Giovanni Battista Moroni (Accademia Carrara, Bergamo, Provincia di Bergamo Italy)

There is a portrait of her husband described as "Gian Gerolamo Grumelli, Italian statesman and noble by Giovanni Battista Moroni." Isotta was a famous poet. She was married first to a member of the Spanish Aragon family, Lelio Secco d'Aragona, who died around 1560. She then married Gian Grumelli. A Google book, Shining Eyes, Cruel Fortune: The Lives and Loves of Italian Renaissance Women Poets, describes the turbulent life of her and her family as France and Spain fought over north Italy and assassination was an everyday fact of life for the elite.

From starlightmasquerade.

While there are strong connections between Spanish and Italian fashion, Lady Isotts wears a skirt with no supports and an opaque glossy over-partlet with a striped ruff underneath. Her dress also has a wider plain partlet. Her sleeves are narrow, not puffed. There is no lace on this gorgeous dress.

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