Lady Emmeline Scott by ? (North Carolina Museum of Art - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)

Finding information about her has been difficult, but the North Carolina Museum of Art has several Scott family portraits, including one for John Scott, the subject of a Wikipedia article that states, “...Scott married, before 22 November 1506, Anne Pympe, daughter and heiress of Reynold Pympe, esquire, of Nettlestead, Kent, by Elizabeth Pashley, the daughter of John Pashley, esquire.

Sir John Scott and Anne Pympe had five sons and seven daughters:...Sir Reginald (or Reynold) Scott (1512–15 December 1554), Sheriff of Kent in 1541–42 and Captain of Calais and Sandgate, who married firstly Emeline Kempe, the daughter of Sir William Kempe of Olantigh, Kent, by Eleanor Browne, the daughter of Sir Robert Browne, by whom he was the father of Sir Thomas Scott (1535–30 December 1594) and two daughters, Katherine Scott, who married John Baker (c.1531–1604×6), by whom she was the mother of Richard Baker, and Anne Scott, who married Walter Mayney. Sir Reginald Scott married secondly Mary Tuke, the daughter of Sir Brian Tuke…” Sir Thomas Scott’s Wikipedia article states, “...Scott married firstly Elizabeth Baker (d. 17 November 1583), the daughter of Sir John Baker of Sissinghurst and sister-in-law of Thomas Sackville, 1st Earl of Dorset, by whom he had ten sons and four daughters… Emeline Scott, who married Sir Robert Edolphe…” Presumably Lady Edolphe is pictured here. The genealogical site thepeerage does not have an article about her. A sketchy genealogical sketch for Robert Edolphe is here.

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Lady Emmeline Scott by ? (North Carolina Museum of Art - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) From Google search via X 2

Lady Emmeline is dressed at the height of British fashion with a floating ruff, scoop neckline, back-flared lace cuffs, and moderate farthingale.

Keywords:  Emmeline Scott, Scott family, Edolphe family, high straight coiffure, framing ribbon headdress, lace floating ruff, scoop neckline, lace neckline ruff, lace bertha, long close sleeves, lace back-flared cuffs, bracelets, fan, farthingale, maxi-length skirt, under-skirt, shoes

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