Lady called Marie de Hautefort by ? (location unknown to gogm)

I am unable to find information about a woman named Marie de Hautefort who would have worn this dress. There was a Marie de Hautfort, b. 1616, who was a non-romantic confidante of Louis XIII.

From the lost gallery’s photostream on flickr; flaws removed from upper left background with Photoshop.

Lady called Marie de Hautefort by ? (location unknown to gogm) From the lost gallery's photostream on flickr deflaw

The décolletage is lined by a lace bertha and ruff, the bodice is adorned with large pearls, and her baggy under-sleeves are held by wide ribs.

Keywords:  curly coiffure, hair jewelry, U-décolletage, lace neckline ruff, lace bertha, paned over-sleeves  full virago under-sleeves, arm bands, necklace, earrings, jeweled bodice, jeweled bodice ornament

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