Catherine de Bourbon by ? (Musée National du Château de Pau, Pau France)

This representative of the new French ruling family, the Bourbons, is shown wearing a dress with huge wheel ruff and grotesque puffed sleeves. The Valois family ruled France for much of the 1500s, but the Bourbons are coming into power. Her Wikipedia article is here.

This, according to Reunion des Musées Nationaux, is a 19th century copy of a lost original.

Puffed sleeves became grotesque. This woman might be a relative of Bib, the Michelin Man. The sleeves are ribbed with puffed cloth ornaments between jeweled buttons and a massive jewel hangs from her left sleeve. The equivalent of a veil is also attached to the jewele- and puffed cloth ornament ribs running down both sleeves.

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