1617 Elizabeth Honeywood by William Larkin (location ?)

This is her terse sketch from a Who’s Who of Tudor Women:  Hi-Hy (she and all associated parties are not listed in thepeerage), "ELIZABETH HONEYWOOD (December 2, 1561-August 3, 1631) Elizabeth Honeywood was the daughter of Sir Robert Honeywood of Honewood, Kent (c.1523-1576) and Mary Atwaters (1527-1620). On December 9, 1579, she married George Woodward of Burgate, Suffolk (b. April 10, 1549). They had three daughters, Bridget (b.1582), Elizabeth (b.1584), and Martha (June 7, 1597-August 25, 1670).”

From liveinternet.ru/users/solaire-idee/post376110625/; filled in shadows.

1617 Elizabeth Honeywood by William Larkin (location ?) From liveinternet.ru/users/solaire-idee/post376110625/ shadows

Lady Elizabeth wears a floral print surcote with hanging sleeves in Spanish style over a floral print basque bodice and skirt.

Keywords:  1617, Larkin, Elizabeth Honeywood, Honeywood family, Woodward family, British, frizzy coiffure, framing headdress, lace partlet, high enclosing neckline, lace ruff, basque bodice, vee décolletage, lace bertha, jeweled buttons, long close sleeves, lace back-flared cuffs,  surcote, tabbed hanging sleeves, close skirt, feather fan

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