1615-1618 Lady Mary Beaumont Villiers, first Countess of Buckingham by Robert Peake the Elder (private collection)

Her Wikipedia article is here. Weiss Gallery’s notes about this portrait include this biographical information, "Mary Beaumont was the daughter of Anthony Beaumont and Anne Armstrong. She married, firstly, Sir George Villiers (1550 - 1604/5), after 1587. They had four children; Christopher Villiers, 1st Earl of Anglesey (d. 1630), Susan Villiers 91589 – 1652), John Villiers, 1st Viscount Purbeck (1591 – 1657/8), and George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham (1592 – 1628). Their marriage must have been dissolved for Sir George went on to marry for a third time a Rebecca Roper shortly before he died in 1604/5. Mary herself married secondly, Sir William Rayner on 19 June 1606 at Goadby, Leicestershire, and thirdly, Sir Thomas Compton. She died on 19 April 1632 and was buried two days later at Westminster Abbey.”

From internationalportraitgallery.blogspot.com/2016/12/retrato-de-la-1-condesa-de-buckingham.html?spref=pi; enlarged by half.

1615-1618 Lady Mary Beaumont Villiers, first Countess of Buckingham by Robert Peake the Elder (private collection) From internationalportraitgallery.blogspot.com:2016:12:retrato-de-la-1-condesa-de-buckingham.html?spref=pi X 1.5

Weiss Gallery has these notes about this portrait, "This stately portrait of an obviously important and very wealthy Jacobean noblewoman, could possibly be identified as Mary Beaumont, Countess of Buckingham (c.1570 – 1632), best known as the mother of the royal favourite George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham. Few surviving images of Mary Beaumont survive, however the proposed identification of our sitter is based on similarities to a later line engraving of Mary Villiers, in turn deriving from a later miniature.

Our portrait can confidently be dated on the basis of costume to circa 1615 – 1618, and Mary Beaumont was created 1st Countess of Buckingham on 1 July 1618. In addition, the sitter wears a coronet of pearls in the style typically only worn by a Duchess of the realm. In consideration of her elevated status, she is presented in one of her grandest formal dresses and an extravagance of jewellery. The black satin dress is decorated with myriad slashing details and enhanced with abundant pearls sewn onto both the bodice and skirt. The skirt, left slightly unbuttoned, reveals a richly embroidered petticoat edged with a silver thread fringe. Long hanging sleeves billow out around the main sleeve, and are then attached and turned back at the elbow to reveal the contrasting white lining silk. In her left hand she carries a white handkerchief bordered with elaborate Flemish lace. Diamond encrusted jewels are pinned to her bodice and skirt and other jewellery includes a bejewelled gold chain inset with pearls and rubies, heavy ropes of pearls around her neck and wrists, while an array of fine jewels adorn her hair."

Lady Mary wears a saya in the original style with onical skirt over a colorful floral pattern maxi-length skirt. The black material has small diagonal slashes. There is no wheel or distended top of her skirt.

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