1605-1610 Princess Louise Marguerite de Lorraine, duchesse de Conti by ? (Musée Condé - Chantilly, Picardie, France)

This portrait shows Louise Marguerite de Lorraine, Princess of Conti, wearing a dress with a jeweled bodice and jeweled sleeves.

Guide 2 Women in Power has this about her:  "Daughter of Catherine, and married in 1605 to François de Bourbon, prince de Conti, first cousin of Henri IV of France (d. 1614 without issue). In 1629, she ceded Château-Regnault to the king of France in exchange for Pont-sur-Seine, and 3 years later she secretly married François de Bassompierre. The sovereignty of Château-Regnault included Linchamp, la Tour-à-Glaire, Macaucourt, Mohon, Montcy-Notre-Dame. In practice, since Château-Regnault is so small (it had 1200 inhabitants in the mid-19th c.), the substantial prerogative was the right to mint coins and excelled in copying coins from the neighbouring countries, and she minted coins with the titulature: 'Louise-Marguerite de Lorraine par la grâce de Dieu princesse souveraine de Château-Regnault.' She lived (1574-1631)."

Upgrade image posted 24 February 2015 from Wikimedia; spots and smears removed with Photoshop.

1605-1610 Princess Louise Marguerite de Lorraine, duchesse de Conti by ? (Musée Condé - Chantilly, Picardie, France) Wm UPGRADE

She wears the puffed sleeves decorated with pouffs of fabric separated by jewels characteristic of the era. Dit bonjour a Bif, l'homme de Michelin! (I hope I got my French right!) The puffed sleeves are rather grotesque. Her dress also features hanging sleeves. Here is a square-cut neckline without the crescent-like rise in the center seen in the 1500s.

According to Blum in Laver, ed., "Costume of the Western World," pp. 335-336 (USA ed. 1951) - This portrait was painted "...shortly after her marriage in 1605 to Francois of Bourbon, Prince of Conti, in state robes. Silvery-white low-necked gown with a quilted bodice and slashed sleeves, and a large double standing collar of precious lace with large points. Earrings, necklace, and square neckline, also diadem, of large pearls. Bodice and sleeves decorated with precious stones set in gold. Short crimped hair."

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