1600 Lady, possibly of the Della Rovere family by ? (auctioned by Christie's)

The original of this image has spots and paint crack flaws. It also has places where the paint appears to have been abraded adjacent to her right sleeve, but not by her right cuff. The paint to the left side of her left skirt, and especially the cloth covering the table to her right, also appear to be abraded. The fingers of her right hand are almost indistinguishable from the background so the border between fingers and background was arbitrarily set. A major flaw, that I thought was a piece of furniture, on the left side of her skirt was removed. The cloth covering the table to her right was partially fixed because I have no idea what it is supposed to look like. The background has been made uniform, so has the left side of her skirt - whatever the unknown artist had originally portrayed has been removed. The silhouette of the left side of her skirt and of her hanging sleeves are estimated based on what could be seen in the original image.

From history-of-fashion.tumblr.com-post-124011276219-1600-italian-school-portrait-of-a-lady-possibly.

1600 Lady, possibly of the Della Rovere family by ? (auctioned by Christie's) From history-of-fashion.tumblr.com-post-124011276219-1600-italian-school-portrait-of-a-lady-possibly deflaw

The Spanish influence on Italian dress is seen in the Lady’s dark surcote with tabbed sleeves and hanging sleeves. However the dress is not as overwhelmingly opulene as some Hispano-Italian dresses from this time. The lace is more complex than reticells. This may be one of the earliest appearances of sophisticated lace. The dressmaker (or artist?) also emphasizes, rather than conceals, seams in important parts of her dress. She holds a glove with an adorned gauntlet with her right hand.

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