1592 Philippa Speke or Joan Portman by ? (location unknown to gogm)

Joan Portman's article from A Who’s Who of Tudor Women: P has this, "JOAN PORTMAN (d. 1623+) Joan Portman was the daughter of Sir John Portman (d.1612) and Anne Gifford (d.1652). She married Sir George Speke of Whitelackington and Ollington, Somerset. They had at least three children, Elizabeth, Philippa (b.1600), and George (b.1623). Portrait (a smaller version of this one): 1592." I cannot locate information about her in thepeerage.com." She is also found on the Internet as Philippa Speke for whom I can find no information, except as listed for Joan Portman.

TR Revella advises:  "I came across your website and posting on Philippa Speke/Joan Portman. I have seen the 'Who's Who' site which lists this portrait as of Joan Portman who married George Speke of Whitelackington in 1592. It is in fact Philippa Speke the wife of Sir George Speke. Joan Portman is recorded as the wife of Philippa's son George Speke Esq. (of which many successive generations were named George. The earlier Somerset visitations record that Philippa was the daughter of Sir William Rosewell, who was Solicitor-General to Queen Elizabeth I and originally from Loxton in Somerset. Sir William married the widow of Gregory Isham, Elizabeth Dale. Their surname is pronounced Russell. Based on the visitations and the will of Sir William show Philippa to be married in 1584 and born about 1562/3. Somerset 18th and 19th century histories show her son George marrying Joan Portman in 1592. I believe that this was based on the portrait and it is chronologically and improbability as both would have been born around that time. The key piece of evidence is the arms in the portrait, though faded it is clear that the left half is the Arms of Speke, a double head gilt Eagle set on a background of blue and white bars. The right half is the arms of Sir William Rosewell, a rampant lion in argent on a shield of blue and red. Blue very often oxidizes green over time particularly animal based blues. I do not know where this portrait is currently located it may be at Whitelackington Manor, where it traditionally hung and is now home to Ewan Cameron, Baron Cameron of Dillington. Lord Cameron's maternal ancestor John Hanning purchased the Speke estates of Dillington and Whitelackington from Francis, 4th Earl of Guilford in 1795. The 3rd, 4th and 5th Earls of Guilford were brothers who all died childless, they were the sons of Anne Speke, Lady North, the heiress of the last George Speke of Whitelackington. Another possibility is that it was sold as part of the collection of Lord Glenconner or of Surtees-Paget family who are the surviving descendants of Anne Speke's heir and grandson the Earl of Sheffield. 

I hope this is of help to you."

From katmax1's albums on Webshots.

Lady Philippa or Joan wears a French farthingale with a deep vee waistline. She wears a balanced gold pendant jewel with a pearl hanging from her shoulder area. Most of her jewelry is gold.

Keywords:  1592, English, curly coiffure, framing headdress, high neckline, neckline ruff, long puffed sleeves, back flared cuffs, stomacher, girdle, vee waistline, French farthingale, over-skirt, choker necklace, jeweled bodice ornament, jeweled sleeves, jeweled over-skirt, bracelets, pendant

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