1500s late young lady holding a book by Italian School (Philip Mould)

This Italian portrait could have been used as  an advertising aid during marriage negotiations between two noble families, according to Philip Mould. Philip Mould's notes, pointing to numerous symbols in this portrait, are here.

The ruff is no longer just a circle or part of a circle. It continues as a deeply ruffled collar that forms a vee with modesty preserved by the edge of her chemise. Her sleeves are decorated with a complex design, perhaps adorned with pearls. She appears to be wearing coral jewelry. She wears handsome French sleeves emerging from two slashed rolls on each shoulder.

Keywords:  curly coiffure, vee neckline, jeweled headdress, necklace, girdle, collar, ruff, French sleeves, cuffs, farthingale, handkerchief

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