Possibly Catherine Grey, sister of Jane Grey, granddaughter of Mary Tudor or possibly Elizabeth I as a princess by Leevina Teerlinc

From lisby1's photostream on flickr; image made lighter to bring out details by gogm.

The Tudor Lady portrayed in this miniature wears a dress with several interesting features. It has a high enclosing neckline set off by both a ruff and a black collar from her over-dress. Her under-dress has a triangular opening below the ruff, possibly made with sheer material because her necklace is seen beneath the closed portion, or partlet. The black over-dress has notched over-sleeves from which the under-sleeves from her under-dress begin. Behind are seen dark patches that may be from hanging over-sleeves. The vertically-striped over-dress has rolled sleeves, brought out by making the image lighter. The over-dress forms a vest with a vee above and another vee below where the sides join together, possibly with the help of the three horizontal dark bands seen in the portrait. The under-sleebes and under-dress appear to be decorated with rows with numerous clusters of four pearls and alternating rows of slashes about 1 cm long. Puffed cloth of gold ornaments drcorate the rolled sleeves while buttons and aglets adorn her over-dress.

Keywords:  Teerlinc, Tudor family, British, jeweled floral cap, under-bodice, high enclosing neckline, tuff, partlet, long close sleeves, slashing, over-bodice, collar, cap rolled notched sleeves, vest bodice, hanging sleeves, buttons, aglets, necklace, jeweled bodice ornament

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