Between 1527 and 1533 Katherine Parr while still Lady Borough by ? (Lambeth Palace - London UK)

This was posted here as Catherine of Aragon until I checked into Meg McGrath's comment and verified this portrait is of Katherine Parr and is at Lambeth Palace.

Spots throughout image removed with Photoshop by gogm. This image, before the spots were removed was posted as "Katherine Parr wearing an English gable-style hood by ? (Lambeth Palace, London UK)."

Katherine Parr is shown wearing an English hood with a peaked (gable) top; her upper sleeve is decorated with blackwork. Her lower sleeves are slashed to show the chemise below.

Keywords:  Katherine Parr, Queen, English, Tudor family, Henry VIII, English headdress, necklace, square neckline, partlet, long puffed sleeves, slashed sleeves, false sleeves, cuffs, blackwork

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