ca. 1500 Lucrezia Borgia portraying Beatrice d'Este by Bartolomeo Veneto (Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame - South Bend, Indiana USA)

Beatrice d'Este (or Lucrezia Borgia) in her stead is portrayed wearing Italian Renaissance day dress. She lived from 1475-1497 so this is either a posthumous portrait or the circa 1500 in the date needs to be taken seriously. Beatrice d'Este's Wikipedia article is here. Lucrezia Borgia, from what I recall, was a pawn in dynastic intrigues who has a possibly undeserved reputation as a poisoner. Thanks to Contardo Padovano for catching the misidentification.

The Wikipedia article for Bartolomeo Veneto is here.

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This portrait of Beatrice d'Este shows regional variations in dress that were much stronger in the 1500s - communications were very slow.

Her gown also uses a dual neckline to draw interest to her bodice. The neckline of the outer garment would reveal all, à la Minoan sress, so a smock restrained by horizontal and vertical bands, is added to provide modesty and draw attention. Slashing came into style in Germany and spread - to Italy in this example.

She wears a plain ferronière-style headband about her neck. According to The Antique Jewelry University, "The ferronière is a delicate jewelry item worn by women on the forehead. It consisted of a chain with fine links - or a textile thread - usually with a single stone in the center. The name is derived from a painting, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, named La belle ferronière (from French: "the beautiful blacksmith's wife") currently in the Louvre museum, Paris. This 15th century fashion revived shortly during the 19th century (around 1830)."  (Click here for more about ferronieres.)

Keywords:  1510, Veneto, Italian, Este family, long straight coiffure, ferroniere, off shoulder straight neckline, bows, chemise, long puffed sleeves, lining, slashed sleeves, wrap

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