Thyra of Denmark in mountaineering dress

Gmunden is in northern Austria.

Posted to Foro Dinastias by Minnie on 13 February 2011; sepia tone and a small white dot on the skirt removed by gogm.

I estimate this Jagerspacher photo dates from the late 1870s, based on her tablier and also the ornate logotype. Mountaineering dress, like equestrian dress, will be a case of form following function. Big 1874 bustles or 1884 bustles will not work. She appears to be wearing a long-sleeved vest bodice with small lapels and a chemisette visible at collar and sleeves. Her dress has a tablier and pleated skirt. Her jacket has full sleeves to accommodate the sleeves of her vest bodice. Notice the textured soles of her boots. She is dressed in layers to face the cooling of air with increasing height.

Keywords:  Jagerspacher, Princess Thyra, Princess, Duchess, Glucksberg family, Welf family, feathered hat, high enclosing neckline, chemisette, collar, long tight sleeves, tie, vest bodice, lapels, buttons, long close sleeves, jacket, long full sleeves, close skirt, tablier, under-skirt, pleats, shoes, boots

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