Thyra and daughter Olga in somber dresses


Posted to Foro Dinastias by Katyusha on 25 May 2010.

Olga's blouson bodice and the appearance of Thyra's bodice suggest this photograph of them was taken in the 1900s. Both Ladies have sleeves that flare out to just below the elbow before narrowing close to their lower arms. The collar of their undergarments extend from the necklines of their bodices, giving them a clerical look.

Keywords:  Princess Thyra, Princess Olga of Hanover, Princess, Duchess, Glucksberg family, Welf family, German, straight coiffure, high enclosing neckline, long top flared sleeves, blouson bodice, shallow vee waistline, A-line skirt, necklace, draped necklace, brooch, bracelets

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