Stephanie wearing a dark and textured dress and Erszi

From This is a good example of what manipulating non-Photoshop settings on a Mac can do. The texturing and round patterns on Stephanie’s sleeves were invisible in the original image. Surface folds on the skirt and collar bands were visible, but obscure. The sepia tone was also removed. The size was double to show the texture, but linear flaws seemed to leap out of the image and these were fixed with Photoshop.

Stephanie wearing a dark and textured dress and Erszi From detint shadows X 2 deflaw cropped

Stéphanie’s up turned sleeves and big bustle suggest later 1880s and little Erszi (b. 1883) appears to be maybe age five or six.

Keywords:  Stéphanie of Belgium, Archduchess Elisabeth Marie, Archduchess Erzsi, Wettin family, Habsburg family, Princess, Archduchess, Austrian, curly coiffure, bun, headdress, high enclosing neckline, collar, jabot, long tight sleeves, bustle, bodice ornament

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