Stéphanie and Rudolf

Maybe it is not the very last photo they took together, but it could be.

Posted to Foro Dinastias by Minnie on 19 October 2011; spots removed throughout with Photoshop and sepia tone removed by gogm.

Here is Stéphanie wearing a simple dress that would almost fit today; the slight puffs of the sleeves suggest ca. 1890, but it has to be before 30 january 1889. She may be wearing a vest bodice held by lacing.

Keywords:  Stéphanie of Belgium, Wettin family, Habsburg family, Princess, Archduchess, Austrian, feathered hat, high enclosing neckline, long tight sleeves, cuffs, revers, stomacher, laced bodice, bustle, tight skirt, drapery, pin, bracelets, muff

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