SUBALBUM:  Patsy Cornwallis-West

This is her article in thepeerage, "Mary FitzPatrick F, #9231, d. 21 July 1920

Mary FitzPatrick married William Cornwallis Cornwallis-West, son of Frederick Richard West and Theresa Whitby, on 3 October 1872. She died on 21 July 1920.

She was the daughter of Reverend Frederick Fitzpatrick and Lady Olivia Taylour. Mary FitzPatrick also went by the nick-name of Patsy. From 3 October 1872, her married name became West. From 1895, her married name became Cornwallis-West.

Children of Mary FitzPatrick and William Cornwallis Cornwallis-West

Mary Theresa Cornwallis-West+ b. 28 Jun 1873, d. 29 Jun 1943 (Princess Daisy of Pless)

Major George Frederick Myddelton Cornwallis-West b. 14 Nov 1874, d. 1 Apr 1951

Constance Edwina Cornwallis-West + b. c 1878, d. 21 Jan 1970.”

Her Wikipedia article is here.

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