SUBALBUM:  Mary Vetsera

Mary Vetsera was famous for the possible murder-suicide pact involving Archduke Ferdinand, heir to the throne. Her Wikipedia article includes this:  "Known by the fashionable English form of her name, "Mary" (her maternal grandfather's second wife was English), she was the youngest child of Baron Albin von Vetsera, a diplomat in foreign service at the Austrian court, and his much younger wife, Hélène (known as Eleni) Baltazzi, member of a Greek family of reputed millionaires from Chios island, then part of the Ottoman Empire, considered at the time the richest individuals of the empire. Albin, who was made a Baron in 1870 by the Emperor Franz Joseph, was twenty-two years older than his young and socially ambitious wife. She had three older siblings: Johanna (known as Hannah), Ladislaus, and Franz Albin. Both of Hélène's sisters had married counts, and Mary and her sister were expected to raise the family's social status by continuing the tradition of marrying into families of importance.

Instead of attending a school or the gymnasium, Mary Vetsera attended an "Institute for Daughters of the Nobility". These exclusive boarding schools, for girls of noble birth between the ages of 12 and 17, were geared to a moral education, not an academic one (which was thought to give a young woman "intellectual pretensions"). So, those institutes emphasized "social graces", French, music, drawing, dancing, and handicrafts, in order to prepare young women for their roles in society as aristocratic wives and mothers."

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