Marie Caroline of Battenberg


Posted to by Minnie on 8 November 2008. This replaces the image “Marie Erbach Schonberg” posted here on 25 August 2010.

Marie Caroline of Battenberg Posted to by Minnie on 8 November 2008

This is a textbook example of first bustle era dress. Marie's dress is full to the sides and has several flounces under the bustle-overskirt.

Keywords:  Princess Marie Caroline of Battenberg, Prinzessin Marie Karoline von Battenberg, Princess Gustav of Erbach-Schönberg, Battenberg-Mountbatten family, Erbach-Schönberg family, Countess, Princess, German, straight coiffure, bangs, earrings, necklace, high neckline, long close sleeves, ruffled cuffs, bustle, over-skirt, under-skirt, flounces, ruching

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