SUBALBUM:  Margherita di Savoia

Queen Margherita is best known as the namesake of pizza According to Basic Juice: "When King Umberto I of Savoy and Queen Margherita visited Naples, they went to Raffaele Esposito’s restaurant in the heart of Naples and ordered him to make pizzas for the whole Court. Raffaele Esposito made two typical pizzas: the Marinara, created in 1800, and the Mastunicola, the oldest Neopolitan pizza that dates back to 1660. His wife made a special pizza for Queen Margherita with tomato, oil and mozzarella. She then added basil to recall the Italian flag. Thus pizza Margherita was born in 1889 in the Italian Queen’s honor. (hat tip to Cafe Porta Alba of Madison, Wisconsin USA)."

Margherita was widowed by an anarchist assassin using a revolver as a consequence of her husband, King Umberto's, support of using deadly force, artillery fire, against strikers. Leading fascists paid their respects to her in 1922 on their way to march on Rome. According to her Wikipedia article, she also encouraged artists and writers and founded cultural institutions.

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