1900s Lady Randolph Churchill by Sydney Wales White

This was auctioned by Mansion House Antiques & Fine Art.

From antiquestovintage.com/ads/fine-oil-portrait-of-lady-randolph-churchill-c1900-mother-of-wartime-priminister-winston-churchill-by-artist-sydney-wales-white-in-original-frame-32-x-38-inches/.

1900s Lady Randolph Churchill by Sydney Wales White From antiquestovintage.com/ads/fine-oil-portrait-of-lady-randolph-churchill-c1900-mother-of-wartime-priminister-winston-churchill-by-artist-sydney-wales-white-in-original-frame-32-x-38-inches/.png

Jennie adapts to the blouson style and aging very nicely in this Sydney Wales White portrait.

Keywords:  White - Sydney Wales, Jeanette Jerome, Jennie Jerome, Jeannie Jerome, Lady Randolph Churchill, Spencer family, Churchill family, curly bouffant coiffure, neck band, lace chemise, bodice, vee décolletage, elbow length close sleeves, arm bands, flared cuffs, waist band, close skirt, floral bodice ornament

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