1874 Jennie Jerome photo


Jenny Jerome, wife of Randolph Churchill of the Marlborough Churchills, was an early Dollar Prince$$, most noted for being mother of Sir Winston Churchill. Her Wikipedia article is here.

Jenny Jerome's dress looks 1880s, but Wikipedia states the photo was taken in 1874, "Jennie Jerome photographed in 1874, the year of her marriage to Lord Randolph Churchill. She wears a newly-fashionable bodice tailored like a man's jacket (the forerunner of the cuirasse bodice). Her tall hat-like bonnet has a pouf of veiling, and she carries a muff." She is wearing a chemisette or shirtwaist.

Keywords:  1874, Jennie Jerome, Spencer family, Churchill family, straight coiffure, hat, high enclosing neckline, collar, bow tie, jacket, lapels, long close sleeves, chemisette, close skirt, muff

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