1880 Countess Daisy of Warwick by Walery

Posted to Livejournal's La Mode Illustrée blog by duchesselisa on 14 November 2010; sepia tone removed by gogm.

The vee neckline that dominated from 1830 to 1860 made a comeback around 1880. Daisy's dress has the bottom of the vee land on a band that runs around the bodice that matches decoration at the base of the bodice where fabric spreads upwards as in a fan fronted bodice of 40 years earlier.

Keywords:  1880, Walery, Countess Daisy Greville, Frances Evelyn Greville, Countess of Warwick, Countess, British, mistress, Edward VII, curly coiffure, jeweled feathered headdress, fan front bodice, vee neckline, girdle, wrap, lace flounce

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